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The authors huayuan pharmaceutical co., LTD., formerly known as the authors veterinary medicines factory in1982In a factory£¬The first in henan province8Home£¬The first in the country126Home¡£In2004Years4Month transformation for the original authors China pharmaceutical co., LTD£¬Type of joint-stock enterprises£¬The registered capital is RMB now2000Ten thousand yuan¡£Is a new type of high-tech enterprises£¬Mainly engaged in animal medicine research and development¡¢Production¡¢Marketing and service£¬Department of animal health products association of henan province standing director unit¡£The company covers an area ofaa000000Square meters£¬The total investment3600More than ten thousand yuan£¬Employeesaa0000People£¬College degree or above96People£¬All kinds of professional and technical personnel38People¡£Company to nongda¡¢The Chinese academy of agricultural sciences'¡¢Henan agricultural university¡¢Zheng designed¡¢Zhengzhou universityMBABased on the technology support and school of management, marketing planning support£¬Designed with new product research and development center£¨In the scientific research center£©£¬Marketing planning, a think-tank£¨Sharp eagle planning£©Such as top institutions¡£ The company strictly...

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